Monday, June 16, 2008

More from Hart Hanson at Banff

Blogcritics has another article highlighting online fans and there are some interesting things from Hart Hanson on the Bones Season Finale, the show, and the fans.

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Bones creator Hart Hanson also looks at negative comments as a sign of fan passion, something his show, sitting somewhere "between a cult hit and a real hit," needs to survive. He faced a virtual firing squad after the controversial season finale, when he dared turn naïve "squint" Zack Addy (Eric Millegan) into a serial killer's apprentice, sending him into a mental hospital and out of the regular ensemble. It was a storyline Hanson admits was too compressed, but not one he regrets overall.

"Oh boy, when you mess with an ensemble," Hanson began before trailing off. "To be honest, it was great." Not only was that one of the highest rated episodes, but the number of hits to the show's website doubled. "The network doesn't care if comments are good or bad. They count the hits."

"Do we listen to the fans? Oh, no," Hanson said adamantly during the audience Q&A portion of his Master Class. Besides, given the outcry over the finale, "Right now, if we listened to them, I'd have to quit."

He even tells his actors not to look at message boards. "They're really mean about every one of our actors. The ones who have an axe to grind will write and the ones who love them won't. Our Internet presence is fairly negative. But we don't care about that, because they're all watching."

Hanson says "we don't know who they are" because the demographics of the show are so broad, though actor David Boreanaz (Angel, Buffy the Vampire Slayer) and novelist Kathy Reichs clearly add their own fandoms to the mysterious but loyal mix.

"No, we don't listen to them," Hanson reiterated. "And they're really vociferous and passionate and we are very, very glad they're there."

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I'm not sure he's completely right on the part about how the positive fans never speak. Have you seen how many 'DB is hottttttttt' posts there are out there? Admittedly it was very hard, as one of the positive fans to get through. In the early aftermath of The Pain the Heart the official forums were vicious. In one instance I attempted to converse with someone who called everyone who didn't hate Hart, the show, the plot, etc something like 'mindless bovine' but I quickly learned how difficult it is to talk to someone so obtuse and gave up. I hope that if the official forums can't stand as a beacon for Bones-love they might branch out and see that there are a lot of people out there who love this show and go out of their way to profess it.

You want to add my hits to the website count, Hart? =)


Cupcake said...

I disagree with Hart that positive fans never speak. Unfortunately, the negative fans scream whereas the positive fans discuss. I frequent the Bones forum on, which is usually a great place to discuss the show, but a few negative people almost ruined it for me. After the finale, many people came on to talk about how horrible the show is and that they would never watch again, etc. Like you, I gave up trying to talk to those people. It's not worth the irritation. Hopefully Hart and the network will look at sites like yours as the true voice of Bones fans.

Milk Mama said...

Oh Hart is way off! Everybody LOVES Bones on the site. I can't count how many "I Love Emily" or "I Love DB" posts there are. It's hilarious.

That's funny he says that the hits on the site doubled... I was one of the people who helped double that lol. I'd never gone to except to watch episodes online there until the finale, then I joined the community there. Bones is the best show on TV!

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