Wednesday, June 18, 2008

More Pictures of Bones Filming in London

Thanks to a helpful and oh-so-lucky OWB reader we have a few more pictures to show you!

Lucy Drew said...

Hello! I also stumbled across the filming y'day as i was out in London for my birthday. i got to meet emily and david , they were so nice and let me get a photo and autograph. They wished me Happy Birthday which was really nice! I'll try adding a link to some of the photos.'

I left off the mildly spoilerish photo, which you can see here.

To see many more pictures from Bones filming in London, click here


louise said...

Wow, lucky Lucy ... to be that close to the 'Cocky' belt buckle (although I kind of wish he went back to wearing different ones all the time).

His hair is definitely taking on a reddish tinge as well ... I'm not sure I approve (not that I don't like red hair, but Booth's should always be dark brown).

CupcakeBean said...

She is so LUCKY! I would be shaking like a leaf if I got to meet them! I definately wouldn't be able to talk very well either. I can see it now... a stuttering, blushing, shaking mess trying to get an autograph and picture with those two. They would think I was a freak! It would be so worth it! :D

Milk Mama said...

Ack! I hate her and her fantastic good luck!!! Just kidding! Lucky Lucy will be her nickname for now on, though!

I'd be psyched to meet Emily and/or David. Lucky, lucky thing!

Lucy said...

LOl yep Cupcakebean i was shaking like a leaf it was a mad adrenaline rush lol. some of the extras were laughing at me cos i was so excited. when david came over i was like "OMG i'm so nervous and he laughed and went don't be! A bit later there were some really annoying girls though who were screaming for him, i think thats just a bit disrespectful. I just asked Emily if she could tell him i was there and then he came over.

seeing the pictures now it seems like a dream...but a very good one!!

Wendy said...

Lucy I don't know if you got it but I sent you a message over the official forums. I have a high quality picture someone else took of you with David Boreanaz if you'd like it. It's on a private site so I'm not posting it here directly. Respond to that email if you want it =)

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