Thursday, June 12, 2008

Pardon the Interruption: A brief announcement

Over the next couple of days I will have a couple of announcements: some are mundane, some are very cool.

First - My name isn't Evi. It's Wendy. Hi!

When I started this blog I started it entirely for me. I love Bones and I have a scholarly interest in information. But there wasn't a single site out there with a good clean format that was also frequently updated and basically had all the information about the show and the cast you could possibly want. Forums give you great info but the format is sometimes hard to navigate in a logical fashion. Many blogs are easily navigable but they aren't often updated or they have annoying formats. So...I started my own.

I didn't think anyone would actually read it though.

So I chose an alias, comfortable in my anonymity in my little quiet corner of the internet. But, in come you guys and gals: all you wonderful readers that have been stopping by. Many of you just browse. Some of you leave thoughtful, intelligent, or simply sweet comments. All of you make me happy that I can provide a great service and portal for Bones.

More announcements will be coming soon and it will make a bit more sense as to why I'd rather you know my real name, even if it's just so you can make fun of me better!


pranksterjo said...

I enjoy broswing your blog and reading all the interesting tit bit about Bones and David Boreanaz.

Phaith said...

Hello, Wendy! I enjoy the fact that you are really awesome and forward about your alias...Gods know I'm not. >_<
I would just like to be the first (on this post) to say thank you for creating a reliable and frequently updated Bones...thing. Yay!!!
Definitely inspiring, as I've sorta started one, as well.

CupcakeBean said...

Hi Wendy! Let me just say, I am so glad that you did start this blog. Great Bones sites are few and far between and your blog is just what I've been looking for. I love your insightful reviews and analysis of the characters. We needed a place where we can discuss the show intelligently, like it deserves. Thank you! :)

ADDhole said...

I feel like I've lost the edge - knowing your name but keeping your cover . . . I guess I'll have to be content with not revealing my name - but, who cares? I'm not the hostess of the best Bones site on the web. I hope the stuff that's about to happen gives you the attention you deserve.

I hope you remember me when you're ginormous.

Amanda said...

Hey Wendy! This has become a great blog, I have it bookmarked and usually come here for my daily bones fix ;-)

Jamie said...

Her name is Wendy/She is a blogger...Bad attempt at song parody. Your name is changed on my blog. BTW: Gearing up this weekend!

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