Thursday, June 19, 2008

Question for you guys: Plot Recaps

Where do you read episode plot recaps? I'm not talking reviews, just straight-up plot lines. I pretty much make my own notes for every episode so I can form my reviews and I honestly don't read the recaps. I assumed (yeah, we know what assuming does!) that the Fox recaps were sufficient but as I read them I find they are often mistake-ridden at best and other times completely wrong, as if they were based off an early script draft and never corrected. Is there a great site out there for pure recaps? If not, is it something you'd be interesting in seeing here as a companion to the reviews?


CupcakeBean said...

There are some recaps on the Bones page on, but not every episode is recapped. They are written by members of the site, so they may not all be the same quality. The Bones forum on that site is great, btw, if anyone is interested. Unlike forums on some other sites, it is very active.

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