Tuesday, June 17, 2008

SAG Strike: Some possible results

Matt Mitovich has a list of possible consequences to various TV mediums if SAG does strike. You can read the entire blog entry here. Depending on the length of the strike (if it happens) we may see a small effect on a show like Bones, which will already have 6 shows completed. That gives them weekly fare until well into October.


Network shows by and large resumed production not long after wrapping the WGA strike-shortened season, and thus will have at least a few episodes in the can.

Cable series would cut their seasons short (if already underway) or push back season premieres dates.

AFTRA-only shows such as 'Til Death, Rules of Engagement and Reaper would be unaffected.

Late-night TV, as it did during the WGA walkout, would need to seek out more non-actor guests.


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