Tuesday, June 3, 2008

TV Guide: Fall's Biggest Battles - Bones vs Pushing Daisies

The media is still talking Bones and that's a great thing! This time, Bones appears on the list of TV's biggest battles for the fall.

Wednesday: Bones vs. Pushing Daisies
Booth and Brennan land another new spot on Fox's schedule, this time against the popular (but barely seen thanks to the writers' strike) Pushing Daisies. Will the Gormogon twist and new timeslot cost Bones viewers?

I actually love Pushing Daisies, but I can watch it online the next day! Bones wins it for me hands down.


Yanin said...

Hey, Bones for me all the way. I'll watch Daisies later on! =)

Gary said...

I'm for Pushing Daisies, or moving Bones one hour later.

Amanda said...

It's too bad that these shows are on the same night, I'll be watching "Pushing Daisies" on the computer the next day

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