Sunday, June 22, 2008

Written vs Aired Show Order

In response to a comment on my latest review I thought it a good time to post a tidbit about them and why I do them in this particular order.

There are 2 orders to shows. There's the written order, which is designated by the episode numbers, and the aired order. The writers do their job and the studio and/or network can come behind and screw with it and actually put things on air in a different order than how it was written which causes inconsistencies in details. They did with season 1. One of the noticeable inconsistencies is with Booth's card. In aired order he has the card to use before he even asks for it.

Both orders have great supporting arguments I'm sure, but as a writer and a crazy anal person I prefer to watch in the order they were written to smooth out those inconsistencies as well as possible. My hope is that reviewing in the written order should give the best and truest analysis of the character growth and storyline progression which is what my reviews focus on anyway. On my master list I have given a nod to both types of orders regardless, in that I include the air dates, even though I am focusing on the episode numbers for the written order.

Thank you so much for the kind comments on my reviews. I'm glad you enjoy them!


PS. Need more people to go respond to the question at the end of the latest review. We need more anecdotal evidence!


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