Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Ace Young talks about his CD and Bones

Amidst a full interview with Ace Young about his upcoming CD release there is a paragraph about his time on Bones. I really wasn't a fan of this American Idol/Ace Young promotion, especially since there was no parity on the already wildly popular AI. But the interview makes me a little, just a little, less irritated about it. He seems like a nice guy with a good attitude, at least about the show.

Ace also told us how his acting performance on the TV show “Bones” evolved from what was intended to be just a background figure in the crowd to being a full guest star. “I hung out with the producers and they asked if I could sing a song like this... and I said, 'sure.' And then they asked if I could say a certain line angry, and I said 'sure.' And then they said, ‘How’d you like to be a guest star on the show?’ And I said, “Well, it’s Bones, so long as you show me dead.” The producers clearly agreed because in the end, Ace was portrayed decapitated with one eye hanging out. “My nephews were so scared, they called me to see if I was okay.” In addition to his musical career, Ace plans to continue pursuing acting opportunities in the future.

You can see the full interview here.


Milk Mama said...

hahahaha! I didn't know that that guy was an American Idol. Tells me how much I watch THAT show! ;)

Bones, on the other hand...

Louise said...

The thing I didn't get with that episode, was that there were so many references to AI, Kelly Clarkson, Paula etc ... but no one says, "hey, that dead guy looks just like that guy that was on American Idol!"

The mix of fiction and reality made my head spin :)

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