Monday, July 28, 2008

TVWeek Bones Comic-Con Panel Review

TVWeek blog has a rundown of the Bones Comic-Con panel. It's interesting to see all the different takes on the same information. The entry specifically mentions a name to one of the rumored spoilers, while others do not. Check it out, but be warned it is just as spoiler-y as all the others!

Get all your Bones @ Comic-Con info here.

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Mr. Hanson credited the show's initial low profile with helping to maintain its originality.

“We were a little bit under the radar,” he said. “We were the last at every stage. We were the last pilot to be picked up.”

But don't underestimate “Bones.”

“I think the network has confidence in the show. We've always been the anchor of the night,” Mr. Josephson commented.

Get all the goodies on the Bones Comic-Con panel here.


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