Saturday, July 5, 2008

Bones Devoted Fan Base

News is a bit slow over the holiday weekend, but I read an article at TVSquad about Comic-Con (which further confirms Bones attendance) that nicely mentions how devoted Bones fans are.

Studios are bringing these shows to the convention not because they use any hi-tech gadgetry or say "frack" a lot. They are coming because these shows have strong fan and cult followings. Bones is one example of this. It has such as devoted fan community that viewers were calling for the heads of the show's producers after the season finale.


sofi said...

I was talking about that same thing yesterday with a friend. We are a very devoted fandom and we should all get credentials to prove it. :D Seriously, then once we all have the credentials we could use it to earn points by doing fan's stuff so we could change them for...let's say...the special DVD of the real ending of "the bones in the old stone house" where B/B get it on on her dining table after the mac&cheese.

oh bones, what did you do to me?

Milk Mama said...

Darn Straight. We are devoted. ;)

Oh my Father in Law loves to watch the Sci Fi channel and hearing the word "frack" several times is both amusing and annoying... it's a wonder how that works out lol...

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