Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Bones Podcast: # 7 up now!

Installment #7 of the Bones Podcast, The Writers in the Bonecast, is now up, and it's devoted entirely to Comic-Con. We bring you a great interview with Matt. You can hear his first hand account, as an additional bonus to his great written report, of what it's like to be at CC and all about the Bones panel. We also discuss some of the biggest spoilers to come out of Comic-Con! Enjoy!

Couple of notes:
Spoilers - yeah, if you didn't read the Comic-Con info so you could avoid them then, sadly, you need to avoid the podcast as well. We only deal with CC revealed spoilers though, no additional plots are revealed. Duly warned and it's up to you from there. Sorry! We'll return to our regular spoiler-free format next week.
Audio - Matt graciously recorded the interview with us while he sat in LAX. There are a couple of points where the audio drops. Apologies for that, but we feel the topic is worth the compromise.

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