Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Bones Rerun: The Intern in the Incinerator Ratings

Last night was the finale of The Bachelorette and with 3 hours focusing on it, ABC easily won the night. Bones came in 2nd in it's timeslot again, besting other reruns and new American Gladiators. It will be interesting to see what happens next week!

Source: TVBytheNumbers

Time Net Show Viewers Live+SD (Millons) 18-49 Rating/Share
8:00 ABC The Bachelorette (8-10p) 9.48 3.3/10

FOX Bones (repeat) 6.45 1.6/5

NBC American Gladiators 5.30 1.9/6

CBS The Big Bang Theory (repeat) 5.06 1.8/6

CW Gossip Girl (repeat) 1.20 0.6/2


ADDhole said...

After watching the rerun it occurred to me that Intern in the Incinerator is one of my top BONES episodes. It had every element I enjoy - bad relationships between Booth and women; good relationships between Booth and Hodgins; poorly conceived Hodgins/Zach experiments; hotness with Hodgela; conspiracy theories where Hodgins is the suspect . . . This was a major Hodgins showcase now that I think about it. I also enjoy how Hodgins seems to be ever trying to creep out Camille. Like his getting in front of her to confront her with the lipstick on the cockroach leg in Player Under Pressure - there was the whole impatience with Cam when she kept zoning out thinking how well he fit the Gormogon profile.

Louise said...

I agree – Intern in the Incinerator is one of those eps that I don’t think of as a favourite, until I watch it again and remember how great it is. It just has so many great moments – Jack and Zack throwing the dummy off the roof, the start of the Gormogon nickname (and Booth’s insistence that they don’t call him that), the amusing Cam’s sister storyline, Booth buying Cam’s dad a universal remote (“with batteries!”), Daffodil-Daisy-Jupiter, Booth and Brennan getting drunk at the end, the ‘betrayal’ conversation … it’s just full of gems for the whole cast (in fact, isn’t nearly all the ep at the Jeffersonian – maybe that’s why it’s so good.)

But my favourite bit is when Booth tries to talk to Hodgins about Cam’s sister kissing him – just the way Jack keeps calling him dude and laughing. Makes me smile every time.

(By the way, the Zack and Jack experiment leads to two of my favourite lines, that really show the difference between Booth and Brennan – Booth: “What’s with the dummy, dummies?”, Brennan: “Explicate your process, please”. I also love the whole “it’s always the suits” conversation between Jack and Booth. Just love that scene!).

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