Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Bones Season 4 in the U.K.

As most of you know, the Season 4 premier of Bones in the US is set for Wednesday, September 3rd. But so far there has been no news about the premier dates for other areas of the world.

An industrious member of the official forums (and I'm guessing, a Brit!) emailed Skyone, the host of Bones in the U.K. to ask the big hairy question.

The answer was a bit hedgy, but the basic idea is that you can expect to see Bones back on the U.K. sometime in September. No exact date yet given.

Season 3 of Bones ended with Britain 2 weeks behind the US, if I remember correctly, so it seems you guys can look forward to about the same delay. It could be far worse!


Milk Mama said...

That sucks. I don't understand why they have to have a delay. :(

sam said...

Sky One is currently repeating season 3 which finishes the week before season 4 starts in the US. Here's hoping there will be no break in between. Its been long enough already!!!

Anonymous said...

That really does suck!
I live in the UK and i really don't see why they have to delay every American show!
i can't wait much longer!

Anonymous said...

It bugs me cos I don't even have sky one! In America they get our British programmes on the BBC America channel sometimes only 10 days after us! Like Torchwood for example! If I wanna see Bones I either have to try to go to a friends, wait for it to be out on DVD (which is December btw over here in Britain for season 3) or buy it on iTunes, and there's no word if season 4 will be on iTunes as soon as it's shown on sky one! Grrr!!!

Anonymous said...

2 weeks is not too bad, though. We here in Germany are a FULL SEASON behind!!! Season 3 is about to start in September here.

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