Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Bones Season 4 Tidbit from Matt Mitovich's Matt Mitovich and Micky O'Connor give a little bit of information (or spoiler if you wish) about Bones Season 4:

Can you confirm the Bones gossip that there will be a kiss between our favorite non-couple in the Season 4 episode "Crank in the Shaft"? — Magali
I can neither confirm nor deny the buzz — else risk penalty of death — but I will cryptically say this: It's best not to focus on this one episode in particular. There are lots of surprises planned for this season.

I like the sound of that!


Will Bones ever revisit the Gravedigger story from Season 2? Brennan and Hodgins were buried alive, for crying out loud! Wouldn't they be devoting a bit more of their time to catching this guy? — Rachael
Good memory! My source tells me that the writers will be exploring storylines involving the Gravedigger this season.


Mom2ABnTB said...

Thank you for posting this. I actually emailed Matt Mitovitch (sp?) last week wanting some Bones scoop. Woohoo season 4!

Ladychdye13 said...

That's great, I always wanted to know what happened with the gravedigger.

Louise said...

It's been amusing watching certain message boards get all in a dither about this 'kiss'.

First, there was a rumour that HH said there would be a 'real' kiss in season 4. Then someone on a message board speculated that it could happen in 'Crank in the Shaft'. That of course turned into 'B&B are going to kiss in that episode' messages everywhere.

I really hope they go back to the Gravedigger - I know they wanted to in season 3 but the strike ruined it. I just hope they conclude it in a better way than Gorgonzola!

corygs said...

I think they had it planned this season to do more with the gravedigger but that was curtailed. They also seemed to have plans to delve into Booth's family and I would imagine they will also deal with Brennan's family in light of the not guilty verdict. Plus they have to deal with Zack in some way as well. With all that, they could get up to half the season if you toss in a cool Halloween and Christmas story. The kiss would be great but who wants to get into a "is it this week" thing? Then if an ep goes by w/o a kiss, is it a wasted ep? Argh!

Sarah said...

Thanks for the scoop!!! I've been wondering about that Gravedigger fellow...

Oh I'd be surprised if that kiss was so near the beginning of the season, but that could be interesting, too...

Anonymous said...

I'm glad to see talk about tying up some of the loose ends in regards to Bones' Dad. That story line really let us see more of her character...which also explained some of why she did things on the cases with Booth.

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