Thursday, July 3, 2008

Bones Stars: Other Work

None of the stars of Bones lack in other work. I'm currently working through some of David Boreanaz's work: Buffy and Angel with my husband, some of the movies on my own. (I just put up I'm with Lucy thoughts on my personal blog.) I'd also really like to see Emily Deschanel's Glory Road. I have seen Tamara Taylor's appearances in both Lost and Serenity but I had no Bones reference at the time so they really didn't register.

What other cast work do you enjoy?

Also, in relation to this, we have a fan question that maybe you guys can help with. Brenna would like to know where Emily appears in both The Alamo and Cold Mountain so she can fast forward to the good parts. I have yet to see either movie. Can you help her out?


Tracie said...

I've seen both movies and I know that they're only small parts in each. I'll have to check over the weekend to see if I can find out the exact times.

Anonymous said...

what does emily play in Serenity is it the girl who gets killed by the reavers sp? in the video?

Wendy said...

The Serenity reference was for Tamara Taylor who plays the teacher.

sofi said...

well, in Cold Mountain Emily appears in the part where Inman is on the hospital and receives a letter from Ada Monroe (Nicole Kiddman's character). Emily reads the letter to him.

Then in The Alamo she appears near the beginning. She plays the wife of William Travis and she's with their son and daughter. Apparently William left them, so she's with the divorce papers and he only wants his son to be with him because he can give him a good education.

Hope that helped! :)

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