Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Brennan dating two guys...

Until tonight it was only a spoiler gained from the script 'sides' furtively sold by auditioning extras. I don't post strictly side-gained information here, but now it's out in the open. In Bones Season 4 a plot line will involve Brennan dating 2 guys, which we now see moving to public knowledge thanks to this new promo.

Here's my take on this:

Grrr, argh...uh-hmm....I'm not a fan, can you tell?

You'll hear me talk about it a lot in the podcast that will be up later today but my basic thoughts are this:

Brennan is very happy to access her sexual and intellectual sides but she's neigh on terrified of her emotional. I completely buy that Brennan would date two guys at once to fulfill the two sides of the triangle she'll acknowledge. It's rational, right? If she tries to find a guy who will fulfill both of those at once she might accidentally involve her emotions too. Now she wouldn't want that because...oh, yeah. She can already have that. It's right in front of her.

I think the plot, in a twisted way, will hopefully be a bit of acknowledgment of how close Booth is to the prize with her. I think it's going to be hurtful for him to watch this and be there as she does it, obviously, right in front of him. But as he's pointed out repeatedly: he knows her well. And, he's a very patient man.

So what do you think of this now well-known spoiler for Season 4?


Cordy said...

My english isn't that good, but anyway I will try to share my thougts about this plotline.

I can't say I really like Brennan dating two guys at the same time, but I think and hope that this is all some kind of learning process for her.
The whole storyline with Booths fake-death and maybe something that will happen in London brings her in touch with her emotions for Booth. But she isn't ready for that yet but rather scared. So she turns to well known behaviour.
There is this one guy who can fullfill her physical needs and the other one for intelectual stimulation.
But there is one aspect which she totally denies.
You may call it some kind of mind-body and soul triangle. So far she is only in touch with the mind and body part. I hope in the end she will realise that this kind of relationship or involvement won't satisfie her anymore.

Of course we all know that there is this one guy who can satisfy her in all three aspects. And fortunately he is very patient. And gives her the time she needs to catch up.

Tracie said...

I like the idea and think it's totally in character with Brennan's past actions. If you're not ready for the full package, why not get a couple of different ones to tide you over?

The writer's have said many times that they're going to pull out as stops as they can to keep these guys apart while keeping the UST up and this is a perfect way to do that.

I'm fairly certain that Booth will be jealous, but also he'll know that she's not really serious about these guys. It's been a while since any 'third part' (or in this case, third AND forth) have been thrown into the mix and I really like the dynamics between b/b when that happens. I'm looking forward to Angela's reaction :p

L said...

TBH I think this is classic Brennan behavior and it seems to me that it will be played out more comedically than dramatically. Brennan's always been very casual and open about sex and relationships. Perhaps this is because she is afraid to commit to one person, etc. etc. deep down, but she always explains her actions in terms of anthropological norms and brushes off Booth's confused/surprised reactions to such behavior on her part.

Of course we have seen Brennan more vulnerable and human, but she obviously uses this kind of behavior as a kind of shield against heartbreak. Hence why she keeps Booth and most other guys (particularly those who defy what she considers the norms for adult male behavior) at arms length.

Louise said...

It's funny how things change in this age of internet spoilers ... that promo was meant to make us go "what's that? Brennan's dating two guys at once?!", but instead I just thought "well, I know that!" :)

Anyway, on to the plot. Do I like that Brennan's dating two guys? No - she should be dating Booth! But as that's not likely to happen any time soon, I think it's a great plot device. It's clearly going to stir up some issues/debates with Booth and Brennan - I can see them clashing on both the morality of monogamy (Booth clearly thinks what Brennan is doing is wrong), and also the logic of monogamy - is it realistic to expect one person to fulfill all our needs? (the answer is yes, if that one guy is a hot piece of FBI-candy).

Booth is clearly a 'wait for the right person' kind of guy (or, in his case, wait til the right person is ready), whereas Brennan is more 'if you can't find Mr Right, go for Mr Right Now). I'm hoping for a speech from Booth about how it's worth waiting for the right person.

I also like how Brennan's acting in character, and yet not. Season 1 Brennan would date two guys with no issues whatsoever, but now she has Booth there as her conscience. It's a bit like how she reverted to 'early-Brennan' at Booth's fake funeral ... and yet we all know how she was really feeling. I think having Brennan do things that she has always done, but perhaps now reacts differently to, is a great way of showing how much she has changed.

I hope so anyway - the worse thing about spoilers is that the eps sometimes don't go the way you imagine!

Louise said...

By the way, one thing I love about Bones is the way the cases mirror the sub-plots ... and this ep is no exception!

CupcakeBean said...

"She might accidentally involve her emotions too." Wendy, you have made me feel so much better about this storyline. I had read the spoilers before this promo and it was making me a little apprehensive about the upcoming season. Reading your take (I still need to listen to the podcast) made me realize that it might not be Sully-bad. It makes sense that Brennan would find a way to keep her emotions toward Booth at bay and dating another guy (two in fact) is a sure-fire way to keep him at a distance. After her emotional upheaval in Pain, she would logically find ways to take a step back.

Wendy said...

I'm glad it helped! I'm still not really looking forward to this angsty plot but I think there will be more humor to it than we realize. As always: a great big mix of humor, depth, pain and sweetness that makes up this show =)

Milk Mama said...

I think it'll be funny... also I think it might open her eyes just a little bit of how Booth is the full package... the full meal deal.He has the looks and the brain. ;)

Anonymous said...

I am so disappointed in Brennan.

I would expect this kind of c**p from her from season one but not from season four. Where is all the personal growth in human nature she is supposed to have gone? Using two guys for her personal gratification is just wrong.
She basically tells one man that he is too ugly to have sex with and the other he is just good enough for sex and nothing else. She knows she is in the wrong why else lie to each man about their existence; if she is so strong in her belief of casual sex why lie? The double standards set by this show and its fans astound me. If it was a male character treating two woman like this not one person would becoming up for excuses for them. Booth can't even look/talk to/at another woman without the angry mob of fans out after his blood but it is ok for Brennan to tramp around with two men.

Makes me glad that I'm a fan of David Boreanaz and not of the show

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