Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Chatting with David Boreanaz on-set

A smitten TV journalist in Britain, who'd never seen anything David Boreanaz has starred in, met him on location in London. She writes about it on her blog here. Best part? She's now working her way through Bones!


"On a scorching hot day at a filming location in East London, David, dressed in his slick Booth suit and iconic Cocky belt buckle, said he was loving working in London and happily chatted about taking his six-year-old son Jaden on the Millennium Eye and on a boat cruise down the Thames."

"They filmed in Greenwich, the Guildhall and many other touristy locations. David said he also got to drive a mini and meet some Bobbies. I can’t wait to see Bones British-style."


Milk Mama said...

Thanks for posting. I read through the article and commented there, too. ;)

Anonymous said...

Nice story. I wish I could have swapped places with her. Her blog's really neat.

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