Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Emily Deschanel in Statement Magazine

Emily Deschanel is featured in the June/July issues of Statement Magazine. The images are not up on their website yet but scans of the issue are out at both Emily Deschanel news and Emily

The article highlights here green lifestyle and even mentions a previously unconfirmed movie role (and still not on IMDB) in My Sister's Keeper, where she plays a Pediatric Neonatal Oncologist.

David Boreanaz has also graced the cover and pages of this magazine previously with his beautiful wife Jamie. More info here.


Manda said...

she is so incredibly's not fair

what also isn't fair is how H-O-T David Boreanaz looks in his photo shoot for that magazine....him and his wife make the most gorgeous couple...

totally not fair

Milk Mama said...

Wow! What a great part for Emily!!!! She'll be so excellent at it, too. She's fantastic at scientific terminology... I can't wait for that movie to come out now! ;)

Anonymous said...

So I am going to be the first to say this but these photos are airbrushed within an inch of their lives! Seriously, look at ED in Bones and in event/paparazzi shots, she does not looklike this, she has a very angular face with bad skin. Throw in the the hair extensions and they look very fake.

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