Saturday, July 26, 2008

EW Video with David Boreanaz

First video is out! EW's Whitney Pastorak interviews David Boreanaz at Comic-Con. He's very passionate about Comic-Con and they talk more about that than anything in Part 1! Watch the first part of the video here. and Part 2 here.

Get all your Bones @ Comic-Con info here.


CupcakeBean said...

I can't wait till Season 4!

Paul said...

Oh my gosh! I as laughing over DB's pitch for Booth to break his trigger finger. That would be hilarious!!!! Please, please, Hart, please do that! It's fantastic!!!

Oh... the hilarity that would ensue!

Mom2ABnTB said...

I loved the interview. He is so comical sometimes! I think I'd just like to hang out with him for an afternoon...of course, he'd be doing all the talking b/c I'd be staring lmao!

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