Saturday, July 26, 2008

EW's Bones Comic-Con report

EW has a report about Bones at Comic-Con you can read here. It also has some spoilers in the last half (with forewarning in the read) but they really are light items, on par with what's been given away by simple promos. It's a fun read, check it out!

After the clip (trust us, there weren't really any spoilers there), the panel got started in earnest with Boreanaz and Hanson explaining that the cast flew to London for the season opener (way to pony up some ducats, Fox!). Boreanaz was all kinds of animated, explaining why he hates double-decker buses (claustrophobic), chickens (all birds, actually), and fish (something to do with his appearance on the Martha Stewart show).

Get all your Bones @ Comic-Con info here.


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