Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Happy Birthday Jonathan Adams!

Happy Birthday, Jonathan Adams!

Goodman may be gone, but definitely not forgotten! We hope to see you in some guest appearances.

Mr. Adams turns 41 today. You can view more information about him at his IMDB and Wikipedia pages.


Louise said...

Aww, I miss Goodman. I loved his relationship with Brennan, but that he didn't always let the squints get away with whatever they wanted.

Along with the Gravedigger, I really want to see him back next season.

ADDhole said...

I am so with louise. Goodman is good for the show. It would make for some conflicts in management styles with Camille but that would be just fine with me. He has a lot more influence on the squints.

Milk Mama said...

Happy Birthday! I hope that 'Goodman' returns for a show!

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