Saturday, July 12, 2008

Latest from SAG & AMPTP

It's definitely still a wait-and-see. Neither side seems friendly to the other.

Here's the latest press release from the Screen Actor's Guild.


Los Angeles, July 11, 2008 — The Screen Actors Guild national negotiating committee met behind closed doors throughout the day today discussing bargaining strategies. The negotiations team remains committed to continuing to bargain for a fair contract.

“Our national negotiating committee did not, as has been erroneously reported, reject the AMPTP’s offer. Instead, we made a comprehensive counter proposal that adopted some of their proposals and offered alternatives on others. We significantly narrowed the gap between us while remaining committed to the principles of our bargaining priorities,” said Screen Actors Guild national executive director and chief negotiator Doug Allen.

We will provide an additional negotiations update on Monday.

We will have no further comment.

And the statement from AMPTP, on July 10th:

Statement of the AMPTP

Today’s meeting demonstrated that SAG’s Membership First contingent unreasonably expects to obtain more in these negotiations than directors, writers and other actors obtained during their negotiations. AMPTP has already achieved four major labor agreements this year with the DGA, WGA, AFTRA Network Code, and AFTRA Prime-Time. Our final offer to SAG members includes more than $250 million in additional compensation, important new media rights and protection for pension and health benefits. The refusal of SAG’s Hollywood leadership to accept this offer is the latest in a series of actions by SAG leaders that, in our opinion, puts labor peace at risk. SAG’s Hollywood leaders have already pursued a time-consuming, divisive, costly, and unsuccessful anti-AFTRA campaign. Any further delay in reaching a reasonable and comprehensive agreement does a disservice to the thousands of working people of our industry who are already being seriously harmed by the ever worsening de facto strike. We call upon SAG’s Hollywood leaders to put the AMPTP’s final offer to SAG members for ratification. The last thing we need is a long, hot summer of labor strife that puts even more pressure on a badly struggling economy and deprives audiences of the entertainment they clearly desire in such difficult times.


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