Wednesday, July 2, 2008

More Bones in your day: Old Emily Deschanel Interview

Here's an old interview with Emily Deschanel, conducted by Michael Medico of Hot Hollywood. I've posted before about her 2006 appearance in the very first Hot Hollywood event and she and Eric Millegan will again appear in this year's benefit in August.

To read the full interview, click here. This is my favorite question from the interview:

MM: What is something about you or your show we don't know?
ED: David Boreanaz and i have exactly the same size head. 22 and a half inches around...I found that out the other day when I accused him of having a big head (literally, not figuratively) and he insisted on measuring our heads.

The imagery of them measuring heads and the (fun) bickering about it me smile.

Thanks goes to Kiz for recently bumping this on the official forums so Bones latecomers like me could see it.


Louise said...

Thanks for that - I can just imagine them having that argument as well! (and clearly another indication that Booth and Brennan are perfect for each other - there must be some anthropological significance to having the same size head).

Biggest shock for me was the realization that Emily's veganism means she can't have M&Ms ... I'm so sad for her!

*Lucy* said...

LOL thats so funny that david made them measure their heads if the rest of the crew were ther i bet they were laughing! I wonder who asked for the tape measure and what they said they needed it for!?

Milk Mama said...

Oh my gosh... that's hilarious. Those two are probably just as much fun to watch in real life as on TV.

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