Friday, July 25, 2008

New Bones Companion Book

As a follow-up to the successful Season 1 and Season 2 guide to Bones

Bones: The Official Companion

Paul Ruditis appears to be coming out with a new book to cover season 3 titled

Bones: The Forensic Files: Season 3

According to Amazon UK will be available in October of 2009.


Milk Mama said...

Interesting! What kinds of things do they put in the companion books?

*Lucy* said...

I have the book its quite good theres a summary of all the episodes and comments from the cast and crew. There are alos pages on stuff like the angelator and bugs and victim identification etc. It also has loads of really good photos. Although why we have to wait til 2009 for the season 3 book i don't know!!!

corygs said...

I can't believe that date is true. I checked with the Canadian Amazon and they didn't have a date but indicated sept. 2010! Why preorder now when it's going to be a year before it's out. My credit card expires before that date! I looked up Ruditis's site and you have to contact him the old fashion way, by mail.

CupcakeBean said...

I have the first book too and like Lucy said, it's very good. It's full of pictures and behind the scenes info and isn't expensive at all.

I couldn't even find this new book on US Amazon. What the heck is the hold up with everything related to Season 3?!

corygs said...

Yea, you think it would be quicker given there is less of season 3.

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