Monday, July 7, 2008

New Promo Tonight

This is what I get for getting up during commercials:



I hope I can watch it somewhere soon. When I find it, I'll provide a link, hopefully, for the rest of you that missed it. I wish the Fox Youtube channel would post them!

Here's the teaser
, which is part of this new commercial, if you haven't seen it.


Louise said...

Sorry! From what I remember, it went like this...

1) Same scene as before - about whether or not Bones would like Booth better if he was a woman. Only difference is you see them at the start of the scene, and there's another line with Booth adding "I would too, I'd be hot ... smokin' hot!" while Brennan looks on in disdain

2) Bones and Booth in the Jeffersonian - Booth : "Dating two guys at the same time, it's wrong ... that's why they invented duelling"

Anonymous said...

OMG!!!! I was just about to comment or something to you to let you know!! I get on and I saw your latest post. HOW CUTE!!! He looked so concerned about her dating two guys!! =) ::sigh:: Can't wait!!!!

Tracie said...

I put it up here:

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