Saturday, July 26, 2008

New Poll - The Pain in the Heart has started a new cadre of polls relating to Season Finales in 2008. One in particular deals with Bones. Check it out here to vote on all the major plot points in The Pain in the Heart. Like the other poll that's about to end (and Bones is winning by a huge margin) you can vote multiple times for any choice.

I'm one of the few people OK with the finale, even if objecting to the execution. What do you guys think about the numbers on the Zack question? Does that further show, somewhat like the 3rd poll on the right here on OWB, that detractors scream louder but are smaller in number? Or do you think the poll is being gamed?


Anonymous said...

Detractors always scream louder, especially when they're in the minority. It's a fact of fandom.

And I'm with you. I loved the finale. Was it rushed? Sure. But to me at least, it still made sense: Zack always operated on logic without regard to emotion. He had all the brains but no strength of character. It was a clear point within his storyline that, if confronted with an argument that he could not logically refute, he'd be lost to that argument. And well, he was.

And for the record I LOVE Zack - The finale totally broke my heart.

Anonymous said...

I'm pleasantly surprised that the majority of voters agreed with Zack being the apprentice. I've always considered myself to be in the minority of people who actually liked (*gasp*) the finale. Like Wendy and heirofloki have said, I felt it was rushed and not the most well-executed episode, but it made perfect sense to me.

As I watch older episodes, knowing now the road Zack would eventually take, I notice how out of touch he is with his emotions. The other characters are driven by their emotions, even the men, but Zack is out of touch with his emotions. Brennan, who's brain works very much like Zack's, has been able to connect with her emotions, but Zack is still disconnected. His logical side always wins, unlike Brennan, who is becoming more and more emotionally driven.

Sorry, I got off on a tangent... I'll save it for my blog! :P

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