Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Polls: Here and Elsewhere

The long-running TV Awards Poll has now closed. After a great campaign on multiple Bones sites, including here, Bones smashed the competition in the poll to determine the "Cast You'd Want to Find your Killer."

Bones - 65% (2,087,220)
SVU - 27% (864,412)
Pushing Daisies - 8% (242,609)
CSI - 1% (28,688)

Congrats Bones!

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Don't forget that has launched a new set of polls, covering Season finales for the recently concluded TV year. Bones has it's own poll, where you can vote on each of the plot points for The Pain in the Heart. Go have your say!

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I'm going to take this opportunity to close down a few polls here on this blog.

What did you think of The Pain in the Heart?

A top favorite - 8%
Loved it - 12%
Both loved and hated it - 34%
Hated it - 10%
Saddened by it - 11%
Provoked every emotion - 14%
I still don't know - 6%
Other - 1%

To Pie or not to Pie?

Yes, pie! - 70%

No, never - 10%
If it's sweet, it's mine - 15%
I don't like any sweets - 8%b


Milk Mama said...

Yes! I thought that was great that we all banded together and kicked some butt!

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