Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Strike News

Results of the AFTRA contract vote are in and by a margin of 62.4% the deal has passed. And while that's not an overwhelming 'yes' from the members, the ratification will embolden the AMPTP. The ball is now completely in SAG's court and the pressure is on. AMPTP, for one, is really laying it on heavy. There's a statement on their website lauding the AFTRA ratification as well as two scare-tactic image boxes on the right giving the numbers of what a strike will cost both California and SAG members.

SAG's next scheduled meeting with the AMPTP is on Thursday at 2pm. At that point they are expected to either accept or reject the 'final offer' deal. If you look at this press release from SAG responding to the AFTRA ratification, they sound very dug-in with their position against this 'inadequate' contract that AFTRA has now accepted. TVGuide doesn't believe SAG will be able to secure the 75% vote required to authorize a strike.The producers still have the option of locking them out, though it will hurt their position to do so.


Mom2ABnTB said...

*closes my eyes until this is resolved* I had that 's' word. Hopefully everything will be resolved soon!

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