Tuesday, July 8, 2008

TV's Hardest Men

SkyTV (the channel that airs Bones in Britain) is running a program called "TV's Hardest Men" right now. There's not a link yet with a definitive list giving all the names because I don't think they've actually run through the whole list at this point. However, it's being reported that David Boreanaz comes in not once, but twice on the list: #33 with Angel and #22 with Booth. That's fantastic!

You can see a teaser link here that includes the possibles for the final list and he appears in that section as Angel.


Anonymous said...

I recently saw a special on the TV Guide channel for TV's Sexiest Men and David Boreanaz was #11. They showed a few clips from Bones but most were from Buffy and Angel. Let me just say, he looks much better now. I thought it was pretty impressive that he was #11.

Wendy said...

Yes! I have that video posted already too! You can see ithere.

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