Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Ausiello on Bones Interns

I wouldn't really call this a spoiler, more like a tidbit.

Question: Three Ask Ausiellos and still no Bones scoop! — Katie
And the streak ends there. A casting notice has gone out for Brennan's newest grad student. In addition to being bright and taciturn, the early twentysomething will be sexy in a blue-collar sort of way (see Jack Slattery, not Dan Connor).


Milk Mama said...

Woah!!! Competition for Brennan! Bring it on!!!!!!!!!! :D (I'm happy about this. Poor Booth needs a woman...someone to drive Bones NUTS!)

heirofloki said...

Excellent! I'm steering away from spoilers but this kind of news I definitely like.

I'm also with milk mama: I'd love to see Bones show some jealousy.

jeannie55 said...

Maybe I am dense but why would a male grad student make Bones jealous?

heirofloki said...

jeannie55 I was referring to milk mama's statement that "Poor Booth needs a woman...someone to drive Bones NUTS!"


Louise said...

I'm with jeannie - I don't understand milk mama's original comment

Milk Mama said...

Huh. I just missed the masculine pronoun. Maybe I was reading my hopes into it lol. We need Bones to be a little jealous for once.

Wendy said...

Agreed on the jealous front Milk! We need to see that.

Anonymous said...

This intern is not going to be a love interest for any of the cast! He is just a one shot episode intern, like the other interns before and the ones after. Nothing more nothing less. You guys are reading to much into this spoiler me thinks :) But I do agree, it is time Booth got busy in the romance department, Brennan so needs to be jealous of him :)

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