Monday, August 11, 2008

An Award David Boreanaz shouldn't win (and shouldn't be nominated for)

Apparently, Television Without Pity has some hate on for David Boreanaz, which is sad. If you're registered over there, go check out their "Tubey Awards" and make sure you keep DB from winning "Least Favorite Actor." Unfair nomination, methinks!

I registered, but it won't let me see the polls. Conspiracy!



Shep said...

WHAT!! :o

What the hell is wrong with them? Do the people who run that site not have eyes - or any sort of common sense at all?

Now I am just really p***** off! That is one vote I will NOT be casting.

(sorry about that - needed a good rant to blow off some steam)

*goes off to watch Angel and Bones to calm down and be reminded of how brilliant an actor he really is*

Ms. Feasance said...

The nominations were made by users. I believe the threads in which they were made are now closed, but still available to be read. For what it's worth, the old Bones recaps are pretty rife with the hate, but they are very complementary of DB.

Also, last week Zack was nominated for "Least Villainous Villain."

Ms. Feasance said...

Update--I just checked again, and apparently the nomination threads are now lost for all eternity.

Shep said...

Ah, well.. at least Zack's in their good books.
Though I don't really see him as a villain - more of a clever, but all-too-rational poor soul who chose the wrong side and ended up with his hands shredded.

Don't get me wrong - I do love Zack. He has a good heart and made sure Hodgins was safe from the explosion, again making him not a villain.

Stephanie said...

Apparently some people don't like David because he doesn't particularly like to talk about his time on Buffy or Angel, but seriously, how many of us would want to talk about our first big jobs a decade after they happened? I'm sad he's nominated for this, too. He's got plenty of Bones fans who love him!

Anonymous said...

Bah humbug! Twop is thee worst site, all they do is bash and put a downer on anyone with a positive attitude. Their only thing is to hate the show they so call are fans of grr! David is an amazing actor, fact, I doubt he will pay any attention to such a mean spirited site The posters seem to hate actors that are talented and very handsome! Look at the other actors on the list Patrick Dempsey, Joss Holloway, Matthew Fox - David is in good company. Ignore stupid sites likes this, I do!

Joce said...

Stephanie is correct. I myself think its silly that both he and SMG try to distance themselves from the roles that made them famous. I understand they are trying new things, but there's a certain way to do it. There's refusing to talk about it in interviews, and there's figuring out the art of conversation, making sure your answer makes its way back to the present.

Either way hes up against chance crawford so I wouldn't worry too much lol

Wendy said...

I'm totally okay with him refusing to talk about Angel. How many of us would want to keep promoting an old job after we left or got fired? =) I'll be sad when he no longer talks about Booth, but I won't hate him for it. I'm sure I'll be too interested in what he's doing then to care!

Anonymous said...

TWOP is where the hate is at. I tread lightly on that territory and only when I must. You think that's bad? You should see what Jen Morrison from House or Mariska Hargitay from L&O:SVU have had to endure in those threads *shudders* Nevermind Jorja Fox from CSI -That? Was awful.

And I get DB not wanting to talk about Angel anymore. He's an actor. His livelihood depends on his ability to diversify and all people want to go back to is that one job (which, let's be honest he did for something like 8 years). Can't be fun.

Anonymous said...

When I first started looking for fellow online fans of Bones, I came across TwoP. They used to have really good episode discussions over there in the forum but lately there has been so much negative commenting on the show that I simply stopped going there. It was starting to affect my enjoyment of the show. And that's probably where his nomination came from. (By the way, I checked, and some of the actors nominated for 'least favorite' are nominated for 'favorite actor' at the same time. Not David, though.) As ms. faeasance pointed out, they even used to recap the episodes when Bones first came out but found the show to bad to keep it up. To each their own, I guess. (And I remember that there used to be a lot of bashing of Emily's acting when the show first came out, too.) While I wouldn't consider myself a fangirl per se (didn't even know David Boreanaz prior to Bones), I think he does a great job on the show. To me, he IS Seeley Booth, so obviously he is doing something right. For some reason he seems to polarize people - there is either love or hate for him. Well, Hart Hanson said after the season finale that good TV is TV that gets talked about, and if the same applies to actors then obviously he is a great actor! ;-)

As for the Angel days and him not wanting to talk about it - I agree with everybody who said that at some point in life you just want to stop looking back and move on.

And on a different topic: Lynn has posted her interview with the Bones writers, and it looks good! And I am totally excited that she asked one of my questions, too.

For anybody who cares, I left a comment on the Wendy's review for Verdict in the Story with some conspiracy theories. Would love to hear some thoughts on that! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Stupid TWOP, that site is just so wrong and mean,as it always is!

There is a very small but loud group of DB fans that refuse to let the poor guy move on as an actor and shame on them.

Thankfully most fans have moved on and followed him to Bones,he seems to be the reason why a lot of people discovered the show in the first place.

And David does talk about Angel, he was talking about in the latest EW Comic Con video.He just doesn't want it to be the first question to answer when he is promoting Bones!

Claudia said...

At least he is in good company for that poll, and on TWOP it doesn´t surprise me, I left the Bones-Topic there because there was waaaay too much hatred towards the whole show and especially towards DB,..... voted for David Caruso btw ( that guy is just ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh)

Anonymous said...

The posters at Twop hate the show! They bash it and the actors relentlessy, first it was Emily now it is David. Usually it is led by 2 or 3 people who seem to set the bashing tone & if anyone dares to say that they like the direction of the show, the actors or is a B&B shipper, they get stomped on. One poster, is a mod on another board (it too seems to just bash the show and actors lately) has such a personal vendetta against DB as an actor and as a human being, that it is extremely unhealthy & worring.

Anonymous said...

My advice,don't pay attention to a poll like this,especially from the odious TWOP.Their view of the show & of David is totally the exact opposite of the views of all the other Bones sites,where David is much loved & respected as an actor and a man. E!Online & love love David & have big ole crushes on him, & who can blame them,he is a fab actor & a stand up family guy and a hottie :)At Comic Con DB got such a rapturous reception,that the mod said that he was like one of the Beatles,need I say more?:)

Louise said...

Yeah, I started reading TWOP, but had to leave fairly quickly - it was just too depressing. They just suck the joy out of everything about the show. Yes, it has some deeper moments, but more than anything, Bones is fun! I never fail to smile while watching it. I sometimes wonder why the people on TWOP even watch it (although according to them, they wont be watching season 4).

Louise said...

Oh, and as for DB's acting abilities, I thought he was amazing last season, particularly in VitS and WitW.

And I agree that there shouldn't be any ill will if he doesn't want to talk about Buffy/Angel. I still remember that long time after Angel finished, where he didn't seem to have any decent work, had put on a bit of weight, and all anyone would say about him was 'that vampire guy'. I would imagine it would have been a pretty depressing time for him. He seems the type of actor to really jump into each role while he's in it, but then move on when the next thing excites him.

Anonymous said...

I hate to correct you but it was during Angel Season 5 when David gained a little weight as he had a bad knee and had to have surgery on it, he couldn't exercise and had to learn to walk again. After Angel was over, David got back to full health & exercising again. He was very busy filming 3 movies Mr Fix-It, The Hard Easy & These Girls during this time in 2004 & had a great time doing them. If anyone has seen these movies you would all agree that David was/is in terrific shape :) after Angel ended LOL

Cordy said...

If you have seen These Girls, you can tell that he really was in good shape *lol*

Louise said...

Ah, there you go, just shows I don't know anything about DB! :)

I never watched Buffy or Angel, and only really had a passing interest in him before Bones, so my memory is very hazy.

I used to live in the UK, where I don't think Angel was on that often towards the end, and those films were never mentioned, so that must be why I thought he wasn't up to much.

Shep said...

I was too young to know about Buffy and Angel when they started but i watched them over one summer like crazy on FX, Sci-Fi and Sky One here in the UK and became obsessive (btw, they're doing Angel reruns on Sci-Fi here and I'm hooked again!).

TWOP are twerps.
I completely understand him not talking about Buffy and Angel - after all, there is no point in discussing them much years after they've finished (not that I am in any way happy about that at all). I don't think he hates talking about them - Buffy is what helped launch his career, but they're just not relevant when he's trying to promote Bones.

Those people are just some of those many losers who start the bashing because they get bored of saying the same good things - you see all the time for films like Pirates of the Caribbean, I thought the last one was just as brilliant but everyone else wouldn't shut up about how long it was. Who cares! That just means more Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom!

For what its worth, I reckon David's always been a hottie - even when he did put on some weight in the last season of Angel. And he defininately looked yummmy and in good shape in The Pain in the Heart! ;)

Poetic_line said...

David is my favorite actor and I'm no teenybopper or fan girl. I'm a fan woman. He appeals to women of all ages. His face is so expressive that I just enjoy how his eyes crinkle or his mouth turns up.

Just looking at him cheers me up among other things. And when he is with Emily on "Bones", I get addicted.

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