Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Bone bits

These are not Bones show related, but when I'm hunting show news I sometimes come across other fun/interesting things.

Forensic Anthropology gets a shout-out (minor) in a case investigation
Czech Ossuary at Kutna Hora - Macabre, sure, but you can't look away! I especially love the Coat of Arms. Second shot of it on Flicker with many more images in this photostream.


Cordy said...


Milk Mama said...

I don't know whether to think of that as wrong or interesting or what...

Thanks for posting! :D

Shep said...

That is both interesting and seriously twisted! Its taking the Gormogon thing to a whole new level - minus the murder and cannibalism.

I suppose its cool in a weird, creepy kinda way - at least they were already dead and not killed for that particular purpose. :/

Must have taken ages though - especially the chandelier. Ugh, what effort!

Ms. Feasance said...

I can't imagine that Brennan would visit Europe without going there.

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