Friday, August 22, 2008

Bones gets pulled into Politics, just a bit

Next week, from Monday-Thursday, the Democratic Party in the US is holding it's national convention.

All the networks are expected to cover next week's convention, just not all of it. ABC, NBC and CBS will cut in live for one hour each night at 8. PBS, MSNBC and CNN will be covering it for three hours each night beginning at 7.
Then there's Fox, which isn't expected to cover the convention at all.
At least that's the word as I write this, though things could change before Monday when the convention begins. But when I asked a Fox spokesman why the network won't break away from prime-time reruns of "Prison Break," "Bones" and the like, the answer was the convention starts when the network signs off for local news.
So, despite there will be 1 public channel covering it all each night, 3 other channels covering an hour each night and then cable doing more...Fox is being attacked. I don't want to get political here but seriously, how many channels have to cover the same thing? Just know that your local affiliate does have the option to cut programming to cover the convention. So, be warned that next Wednesday night your Bones could be pre-empted.

I am not in the slightest trying to put Bones above important national politics. This could be a big huge debate about programming choice and how you can only need watch the same event on one channel... I just wanted to make you all aware.


Anonymous said...

If they preempt it for the DNC, they may preempt for the RNC the following week as well. That would get our long awaited premier. That can't happen!


Stephanie said...

I agree that it's absolutely ridiculous to expect every single network to show it. Networks are usually trying to put good programming on against these sort of things, lol.

I kind of don't get why they're even expecting Fox to show it. It's common knowledge that Fox is pretty much a Republican company. Plus, if I were a network executive, I don't think I'd want to preempt the shows that still earn 5-6 million in rerun episodes for something every other network will be showing!

And I really hope nothing interrupts our premiere!!!

Anonymous said...

I really don't get why people are getting bent out of shape because some local stations will pre-empt reruns. I mean, really? It's a rerun, not the end of the world. FOX does owe a public service, so it's cool that local affiliates are being given the option. I know some people hate politics, but these conventions are a big deal in the US. Sure, it's nice some cities will have an alternative, but if you don't want to watch get out of the house and do something, or read a book. Of course, if you have cable, just change the channel.

It also looks like the following week a lot of FOX's premieres will be pre-empted because of the RNC. I didn't even think about that. For that, FOX should have just left the premiere dates where they were in the first place. While some will be watching premieres on FOX, most people will be watching the convention this coming week ans next.

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