Thursday, August 21, 2008

Bones Next Week: Double Episode!

Next week, which is a scant 1 week before the premier, Fox is getting us ready for 2 hour Bones goodness by airing The Wannabee in the Weeds and The Pain in the Heart back to back in the same night. Make sure you tune in to both!

I don't know about you guys, but watching Booth get shot kinda hurts. And I know many of you aren't keen on seeing Zack crash and burn (literally) again. But watch anyway. Even if you've skipped all the reruns, support the show that night and get back in the groove and ready for the start of Season 4.


M. said...

Not related, but ...
Some script pages:

Milk Mama said...

I'll be watching!
I hate the Wannabe because of Booth being shot and I can't stand the scenes with Pam, but the rest of it is very good with Brennan singing and Booth looking thoroughly entertained... And the Pain in the Heart I really love that episode. It's very well acted by all of the cast members!

Sofi said...

FOX did the same in Latin America when those 2 episodes aired. They aired them together one after the other. It was awesome and so out of the blue! Fox did some amazing things for us this past season around here. Still not enough though.

Shep said...

God I hated Pam! Apart from shooting Booth, she was so annoying!

Before watching the last two episodes, I just checked the Bones Fox website for anything new and I had a look at the episode guide.

I know, this was a very bad idea but the first thing I saw was the Pain in the Heart summary which started by saying Booth was shot - I'm not kidding, I actually hyperventilated and didn't breathe properly until I scrolled down and saw that he was actually alive!

Despite already knowing what was going to happen, I screamed when I finally saw Wannabe.

The Next Ninja Anthropologist! said...

Yeah I hated watching poor Zack blow up a second time. I also noticed that he seemed frightened, and I swear I almost cried!

Also, watching Booth get shot again was actually good for me. Now before you get all "but he could've died, why would you want him to get shot?", consider why he did it. He wanted to protect the woman he loved, even at the cost of his own life.

And it was totally worth it anyway when she punched him in the face again. I'm sorry, I just love that. Oh...and also when she was singing and Booth got totally into it. He's so cute!

............And watching Bones shoot Pam in the throat. That was so cool!!! Oops...this was kinda long, huh?

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