Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Bones Podcast: #8 up now!

We're back! After take a week off from the Bones Podcast, (there wasn't anything to talk about anyway, sigh!), Lindsey and are back with a new installment! Hope you enjoy!

Also, coming later today: bonus Bones Podcast material! We just had to discuss 2 recent spoilers which came to light but in deference to those who avoid spoilers, we packaged that talk into a separate installment.

Remember you can always visit the Podbean page for additional options, such as downloading and subscription. Also, drop us a line at the podcast email: We'd love to hear some feedback on the podcast, good or bad!, answer some questions, or have one of you pick our next debate topic.


Gary said...

I agree that too many shows are using music as a crutch for the ending of the show. I remember Ally McBeal doing this too much. The next show that I saw that did it was Lost. I think it's corny to play the music and everyone moves around slowly.

Also you two are right about Fox not promoting their shows very well. This is coming from an Arrested Development and Firefly fan.

fanofbones said...

totally awesome job you guys did and thanks for answering my questions....hugs to both of you..

and you two should be tooting your own both do a great job keeping the fans well-informed

kudos to you both..


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