Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Bones Podcast: 8.2 - Spoiler Content

Lindsey and I just had to discuss two recent spoilers. Enjoy!

You can catch the normal weekly, spoiler-free, installment here.


Milk Mama said...

I'm sure it's just a passing comment for that particular spoiler. As for Brennan changing her mind about children, I think that it can happen and it would be nice either way, if she changed her mind or if she didn't. You know, I once wanted six children. Last year I decided on three. This year we've decided we're happy with just the one we have. That may change and it probably will. Brennan is evolving, just as much as Booth is. It's nice to see them changing because of each other. :)

Shep said...

On the Booth/Brennan romance - I want BB smoochies!!! I'm dying to see them get together in season 4. I know Hart Hanson and others want to drag it out as long as physically possible but it's killing me!!
I'd love to see her do more lab work but I love the interaction with Booth even more.

I know it would be a big step for Brennan to want kids because that's not really in her character, but she is changing.
Early on in the series she was a lot more closed off than she is now and Booth has gotten her to open up a bit more, which is great! Her family life was ruined at an early age so I reckon it'd be nice to see her have a solid, comfortable family environment.

Having said that, I'd rather they got together about midway through -or possibly near the end of - this season (including lots and lots of smoochies) and then the height of their romance could be during season 5, where kids and maybe marriage would be discussed.

Milky said...

I've been visiting the site for a while now, but it was this spoiler podcast that made me decide on commenting.
Funny thing is, what I wanted to say is summed up in both milk mama's and shep's commment.
But I'm posting anyway.
I need a place to be obsessed with bones, and tell me if this doesn't seem to be the right place, lol.

I do have something to add, tho.
I'm relatively new to the series, being a fan since only last april (point of clarification: I of course have watched by now every episode of the 3 seasons many times and read everything related to the show I could, so I'm pretty much informed) and thus I don't have experience with spoilers. I don't know how close they'd been before to what actually happens in the series, but I think, as said in the podcast, that you still need the context to know what will actually happen. I've no doubt the things they've let us know will happen, but with a twist we didn't expect. I choose to trust the writers this time.

Wendy said...

Glad to have you, Milky! I hope everyone would agree that this is a great place to be obsessed about Bones!

Milky said...

Well, it is a great place.
Specially if one finds that there's some people here that would understand if by any chance i went 'out of character' and started saying things about oceanic flight 815... or suddenly remembered an accent i don't have and started talking like 'ye ken, that wasna really a kilt in last nicht's episode, sassenach' LOL.

Wendy said...

You can talk to me about Lost anytime! I'm a new Bones fan too! Bones is my obsession but I've been into Lost for 3 years.

The word Sassenach reminds me of my favorite novel series, by Diana Gabaldon, hah.

Milky said...

well... that IS what it was supposed to do.
I'm a fan of Lost, Bones and Jamie-sorry, Outlander series.

Wendy said...

Jamie Fraser is a fantastic character =) Now you have to stick around! I actually put down the 6th book recently, my 2nd time through it, to pick up KR's set. After I finish hers I will probably go back. I never get tired of reading them!

Shep said...

I agree - I love this place!. I tend to get majorly obsessive about stuff (namely Buffy, Angel and Bones atm).

It's great to have a site where you can post your comments and thoughts or even have a good old rant with other people who share the same interest without having to sign up ar anything.

So kudos to Wendy for this site!!

Btw, I'm happy to talk to anyone who is just as obsessive about Buffy and Angel as I am - especially the BA ship!

Cordy said...

I know a little bit OT, but I wanted to say I love the Outlander series too. Aaahhh - James Alexander Malcolm McKenzie Fraser -- what a man! *sighs*

My 5ct to the Baby-Spoilers, although it has been said before. You have to see that in context. And because I have faith in HH and the writers I'm really looking forward to that scene. I don't think it would be OOC for Brennan.

Stephanie said...

About the Brennan/baby thing...I'm so glad to see someone else who's as against it as I am! Everyone seems to be loving it, and I just think it's completely out of character (at least in this point of the series) and just not Brennan at all! I don't want her to be one of those characters who completely changes everything she believes in simply because she has a new relationship or the possibility of a new relationship or something like that.

I'm all for Booth and Brennan getting together. I can't wait for them to have a real kiss and be together romantically, but I don't really want her to have kids, either. I'm also someone who's written a fanfic about her and Booth having a baby, but I don't actually want that to happen on the show, so I hope it ends up being nothing or just a humorous passing comment or something.

Anonymous said...

Since the writers decided to throw that out to the fans, I am sure it is nothing but a big fat old tease. Obviously, it gets people talking about the show, so excellent promotion trick by Hart Hanson! ;-)

As for the Zack spoiler, that was news to me. I really try to keep away from the sides now because I feel that reading them before the episode comes out really affects my view of that particular episode. And I must say, there used to be quite a few things in the past that looked really odd to me "on paper" and turned out much better on screen, so I am just putting my hope in that. Also, I am convinced that the writers know that it would totally ruin the credibility of the Jeffersonian in court if they pursued that storyline with Zack as a convicted murderer who was declared mentally unstable (or something along those lines) as an expert on cases, so I've decided to just wait and see what they come up with.

willgirl said...


Hooray! Someone agrees with me! It's a very nice thing to hear that and I was excited when I saw your comment. I'm glad you liked the podcast.


Shep said...

At this point, it would be really weird for her to suddenly want a baby - it seems too out of character but hopefully, Brennan will evolve more after she and Booth get together and she might want kids.

We all know Booth is a great dad and any child of his would be adorable!

I think there is a serious twist on that spoiler but atm, (as I have made clear numereous times) all I want is for Booth and Brennan to hook up.

As for the Zack spoiler, I have faith in the producers and writers - I'm sure they wouldn't just throw Zack back in. I suppose the Jeffersonian team might visit him in the hospital or mental institution (or wherever the hell he is)if they're really stuck, and ask for his help on a piece of bone, whilst still keeping their distance and showing they don't approve of what he did. But I doubt it and I trust they will find a good way of getting him involved again.

Anonymous said...

As someone who has repeatedly changed her mind about children in the past five years (and who's qualms with child-rearing are similar to Brennan's) I don't think it's terribly out of character for her to change her mind. Or (and this is my spec on this spoiler) to consider that if she Were to have a child, then Booth would be the most logical choice as a breeding partner. Someone she knows, trusts and likes. Someone who makes sense, genetically speaking.

For the record though, I'm pretty sure it'll turn out to be nothing: Either a funny quote or maybe one of those cute ep-ending conversations they have sometimes. Nothing more.

Shep said...

Oh yeah, maybe there's an episode where a single mother falls for Booth (who doesn't really return the feelings) and at the end, B&B have a conversation about kids and Brennan might say something like 'You're a great father. If I were her I'd want you to be the father of my child'. Then there's an awkward silence. ;)

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