Friday, August 29, 2008

Bones Podcast: #9 up now!

We had a problem uploading this podcast. Sorry for the delay. Enjoy the latest Bones Podcast!

Edit: I have to temporarily pull this. I'm sorry. We had some technical issues uploading the podcast and it looks like the file might have been corrupted, seriously compromising the audio. Hopefully we'll have it fixed soon!
Remember you can always visit the Podbean page for additional options, such as downloading and subscription. Also, drop us a line at the podcast email: We'd love to hear some feedback on the podcast, good or bad, answer some questions, or have one of you pick our next debate topic.


Jeannie said...

Sorry, gotta ask - are there spoilers?

Wendy said...

No spoilers =) We have a rule that we'll keep the podcasts spoiler free and occasionally do the special "spoiler" podcasts like we did with the last one.

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