Thursday, August 21, 2008

Bones Ratings: Verdict Rerun

They Olympics are definitely still dominating the airwaves, and there must be something magical about those darned dogs...but Bones is still holding it's own despite the fact the night change was not announced! Verdict in the Story pulled in a cool 4.74 million for the night.

And did you see the pre-show adverts? Go Fox! I had the TV turned down while I read a bit during the 1/2 hour before Bones aired and I actually saw a preview for Bones. Unexpected, but nice! (It wasn't a brand new promo, just in case you're wondering.)


Time Net Show Viewers (Millons) 18-49 Rating/Share
8:00 CBS Greatest American Dog 5.12 1.3/4

NBC Olympics 8p-11p 24.32 8.1/23

ABC Wife Swap (R ) 3.55 1.4/4

CW America’s Next Top Model (R ) 0.98 0.3/1

FOX Bones (R) 4.74 1.4/4


Elizabeth said...

hahaha what exactly is so graet about bones? i have never seen it.

Wendy said...

You landed in a rather interesting place then! Who would like to fill Elizabeth in? =)

Milk Mama said...

We were behind the Greatest American Dog? ROFL... :P
But I'm so glad we're doing well!!!

Anonymous said...

Ah, this is so scary. We have the exact same shows here in Germany! Except that the dog show is called "Top dog" (Seriously! Try saying that 3 times fast.) and it's obviously Germany's next Topmodel here. And don't get me started on that wife swap crap! Except, my husband likes to watch that show and then he always tells me that he could have probably done worse, and how much he appreciates me, so it's actually good for something I guess. ;-) But yay for Bones and good ratings!

Shep said...

It's been beaten again by Greatest American Dog!

Seriously, what is wrong with you Americans? (this is directed towards those who choose dog reality shows over Bones)

Anyone who's stayed with Bones - you have your priorities sorted! :)

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