Thursday, August 28, 2008

Bones Ratings: Wed Aug 27th

Bones ratings increased last night, with the airing of The Wannabee in the Weeds and The Pain in the Heart, from the previous week when they aired The Verdict in the Story.

Only one more week to the premier! I'll post about premier night activities soon.

How did you feel, watching these episodes again?


Time Net Show Viewers (Millons) 18-49 Rating/Share
8:00 CBS Greatest American Dog 5.60 1.7/5

NBC America’s Got Talent (8p-10p) 10.13 2.7/8

ABC Wife Swap (R ) 3.46 1.2/4

CW America’s Next Top Model (R ) 1.13 0.5/2

FOX Bones (R) 5.52 1.6/5

9:00 CBS Criminal Minds (R) 6.68 1.8/5

ABC Supernanny (R ) 3.82 1.2/3

CW Pussycat Dolls Presents: Girlicious (R) 0.86 0.4/1

FOX Bones (R) 5.98 1.8/5


Shep said...

Again with the Greatest American Dog at 8:00! It can't be that good!

Well, at least it almost came top at 9:00 - I would've thought there was something seriously wrong with you guys if it was beaten by the Pussycat Dolls - eurgh *shudder*!!

Mom2ABnTB said...

Thats exactly what I was thinking Shep (about the dog show)! Yay Bones for increasing ratings though. I didn't watch again (b/c I've been sick and was sleeping) but I'm getting my fix tonight. But I've watched PITH several times...and love it a little more each time. And my heart swells everytime I see Booth in that honor guard (?) line. He's alive! I wanna scream lol!

Amanda said...

My best friend was texting me the whole time... she didn't see them the first go 'round as she was moving across the country.

She was pretty geeked for not one, but TWO eps in a row... and was thrilled with NekkidBooth.

She was impressed that Brennan maintained eye contact the entire time, lol.

Her last message at the end of PITH: "Wow."

I still got a little adrenaline rush at the end of Wannabe (and did shout at Booth at appropriate times during the episode, but alas he didn't listen this time, either)... and agree that Booth was smokin' hot in the honor guard line (I can't help but wonder why no one else helped him, or what would have happened had his gun carried live rounds).

I think I'd be more impressed with the dog show (and I am a dog lover) if it were focusing on the tales of SAR dogs, K9 Units, etc. instead of unrealistic tricks/staged situations.

Like "Trudy" in "The Man in the Wall" or whoever found Cement Head in "The Killer in the Concrete".

Shep said...

I agree, Booth looked HOTTT in the honour guard uniform and who didn't love naked Booth - definate squeal moment, my mouth was hanging open the whole time!

I was impressed too at how they both didn't blush and kept eye contact!

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