Saturday, August 9, 2008

Bones Season 3 DVD (Region 2) update has listed a Bones Season 3 DVD. There's no artwork and it says release date is December 8, 2008 for the region 2 release.

Combined with the release date, it sounds legit. I wonder about the "1 disc" part though. How are 15 episodes, plus commentary and hopefully extras on one disc?

We need a Region 1 release date! And more details about features, art work, and price.


Kyra said...

At Amazon they have, what I think, is the artwork up. Nothing about features, but they have the releases date as August 12, 2008, like that better because it's sooner! :) You can sign up to have them alert you when it becomes available.

jeannie55 said...

I'm still waiting for the Season 2 DVDs to come out in Germany. August, they say. But December for Season 3 in the US sounds about right, I believe I read that in some panel report. Paley maybe?

Wendy said...

I've not seen anything on Amazon but a placeholder page where they tell you that you can sign up. And that art work is actually old stuff.

The 8-12-08 you see bandied about is the December 8th date, with the day-month-year date format common in some places, opposite the American month-date-year format. I wish it were coming out August 12th though...

Region 2 is UK Jeannie. US people really have no date given yet for Season 3 :( Last year Season 2 came out in Sept but that looks like a pipe dream for Season 3.

That's terrible how far behind some regions are Jeannie! I don't like the region system at all.

Cordy said...

@jeannie: Unfortunately they rescheduled it once again. Now it says season 2 is about to come september 12th. Let's hope they won't call it off again. I really don't understand waht takes them so long.

jeannie55 said...

Tell me about it! Last year I got some DVDs while I was in the US but I can't get them to play on my DVD recorder because of that stupid region system. (They do run on my laptop, though.) Today I asked about that at a store and I was told that all European recorders can't play Region 1 due to legal reasons. Whatever. Stupid!!!!
I am more annoyed by the fact that we are a full season behind on Bones on TV. Season 3 is just starting over here.

Re the release date for Season 1: For some reason I kept thinking that the US DVDs would come out before the UK ones, no? Isn't this the way they always handle this? But it looks like it will still be a while before they come out, for whatever reason. Maybe they put on an alternative ending for Pain in the Heart? ;-)

jeannie55 said...

@cordy: You are right, I just checked. That sucks, because I already told everybody that I want those for my birthday and that is September 11. Oh well. ;-) I think the stupid dubbing is causing the delay all the time. And some sort of issue regarding the music rights. With the Season 1 DVDs I noticed that they had changed some of the soundtrack from the original episodes. Not sure if that was the case on the US DVDs, too. But I must say that we were lucky and got one-sided DVDs. My friend in the US told me that her's were double-sided (not sure if that's the right word, though).n

Cordy said...

yeah jeannie you are right about the soundtrack on the season 1 dvds. I noticed that too. A little bit strange isn't it?

And that region system for dvds is totally annoying and inconvenient.
I have a few region 1 dvds myself, because I don't want to pay those exorbitant prices they use to have in Germany. Very practical that I can switch between several codes on my laptop.

jeannie55 said...

This is not really related to the DVDs but Amazon has released the track list for the soundtrack. Here:
(sorry, don't know how to make nicer links - computer luddite here). If that is all we are going to get, I will be very disappointed. Some of my all time favorites are clearly missing!!! And that promo pic from last year that they are using is not my favorite either.

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