Friday, August 29, 2008

Bones Season 4 Premier: Audio Clips

Here are 3 very short audio clips, courtesy of Piratesmiley, a member at The ABY! If you hate spoilers, definitely skip the last one but the first two are in-line with the promos.

Clip 1
Clip 2
Clip 3


Shep said...

LOL!! I couldn't stop laughing after that first one!

And i wasn't sure but if Booth said '...he can't be that great' in #3then I completely agree with him.

Anonymous said...

OMG of course listened to 3 first and was blushing myself. What has gotten into Bones? At the end does she say "b/c I think "he" or "you" would be good in bed?" I could wish for "you" but I think she said "he". I imagine she is talking about Ian. That Brennan is on the prowl! Poor Boothie. I like his comment about the "Boobies". Let's see Brennan's reaction to that! And I like that Booth is no pushover!

Shep said...

She said 'he' unfortunatley. We're all hoping it changes to a 'you' soon!

I completely disagree with her by the way - the way Ian asked was terrible and bad, bad, bad analogy! That was one of the stupidest analogies I've heard and it seemed like Brennan thought it was sweet!

Shep said...

As you can see, I have a slight bias against Ian. Sorry, can't help it. Don't like the guy.

I wonder what Booth's reaction will be to his death. Will there be just a hint of 'hehehe, he's out of the picture. Bones is MINE!' going through his head or am I just being cruel and evil?

Cordy said...

I wasn't sure neither if she said "he" or "you" would be great in bed.

Mella said...

I think she said he .

No it's perfectly normal to think that way. You're not cruel and evil ;)

Shep said...

Haha. Thanks Mella. Tbh, I would'nt really mind if I was being cruel and evil. Just didn't want those who are more sympathetic towards Ian to be angered by my Ian-bashing.

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