Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Bones Season 4 Premier Press Release

Futoncritic has the press release for the Bones Season 4 Premier.

Edit: Adding a spoiler warning. It's subjective on how much of a spoiler it is but I'm unfortunately over-exposed and therefore likely to rate it too low. Sorry Jeannie!


jeannie55 said...

I shouldn't have read this. That was too much information on the case for me.

jeannie55 said...

No no, don't be! Obviously, when you read a press release for an upcoming episode it IS going to be spoilery. That was my own fault, I'm just being mad at myself, not you! I just didn't know about the second victim, and who it was going to be. Kind of explains why there is only one extra glass on the table with BB during that dinner scene at the Thames in the promo, I guess. Stupid Fox shouldn't give away so much of the storyline!

Milk Mama said...

I've been reading all of the spoilers on this episode, but there's so much more we don't know... and it's going to be great! :D

Mella said...

To read the press release or not to read ?

Shep said...

Right. Now if only they would disclose a UK air date! What's with all silence, Sky One should be promoting it as much as FOX - how else are they gonna get viewers!

Just when I thought I was full to the brim with excitement, here comes more spoilers which I just drink in.

Hang on, does that mean one of the British counterparts gets done in, or are they referring to a British team like the Squints? :S

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