Friday, August 15, 2008

David Boreanaz: FBI's 100th Anniversary Video

David Boreanaz recorded a short video to mark and celebrate the FBI's 100th anniversary. Check it out here.

Thanks to Kis, via Lindsey!


Shep said...


I love him - he's such a cool guy!

Milky said...

That was nice.
Tho I missed more smiles... And I think it was a bit obvious he was reading it all.

But hey... It's DB!

Shep said...


But who cares! More DB goodness!

CupcakeBean said...

That man is so incredibly HOT!

And I agree with you, milky. I was expecting him to start making wisecracks or something.

Shep said...

I thought he was gonna say something witty when he mentioned, terrorists, spies ... etc.

I was also hoping for that unique sexy smirk but my prayers went unanswered.

They should have let him improvise in his own trademark DB way.

Milky said...

Yeah, I think they should have let him do his own speech, too. Well, I guess they just didn't trust him, as he's so obviously not your average FBI material LOL. Definitely not standard government issue ;)

I was surprised at the FBI website, tho. It looked so... showy. Podcasts, shows, all that. Weird.

Jess said...

I am so glad I found this site again. I had found it a few months ago, planned to visit daily, and I lost the bookmark somehow.

ANYWAYS, as for the FBI site looking showey... everyone's going Hollywood these days lol.

Too bad they didnt let him do the commercial in Seeley fashion. Being as that is his character who is a FBI agent.

Brianne said...

Agree completely - would have liked a less stiff reading, but it was still pretty cool. Nice to see him getting involved. And always love to see David on some kind of screen!

Anonymous said...

Gee you guys are way too critical, imo! He was being serious because he had been asked to do a serious message. You guys really expected him to joke about on an official FBI video, on the official FBI website? I am amazed by that! That site had very serious stuff on it, it saddened me to read the crimes that have been committed and the criminals that still haven't been caught. That is why DB was courteous and serious, to joke about, would of been disrespectful Excellent work DB, much appreciated!!

Shep said...

Yeesh! No need to jump down our throats!

Have to admit I didn't explore the site, I just watched the video but I can see where you're coming from.

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