Thursday, August 21, 2008

David Boreanaz on Regis and Kelly

Rumor has it that David Boreanaz will be appearing on Regis and Kelly on Wednesday September 3rd. I don't have any kind of confirmation yet and the TV listing for the day says the description is unavailable but pencil it in, set it up on the DVR, or whatever. I'm sure it will turn out to be true and it will definitely be a great interview. His always are!


Milk Mama said...

What???? Heheheheh I'm so excited now! I love it when he or Emily interview... of course it's much more fun when they interview together b/c they're hilarious and play off one another. :D

syzygy619 said...

i usually check this site for tv appearances

Wendy said...

Ayup, that's a great link =) Thanks!

joce said...


i wish that chat show would go away! when people go on there multiple times, its the same convo over and over! and those uncomfortable chairs!!!

Shep said...

I don't think it airs in the UK but eeeeeee anyway!!!

I hope someone posts it on the net *hint hint*.

David's interviews are always hilarious and fun to watch - I loved the Craig Ferguson ones: 'the boneyo show!'. That cracked me up!

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