Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Emily Deschanel Interview: Japan

Emily Deschanel has an interview with JapanToday promoting Bones. It says she was over there "recently" to promote the show, which begins airing Season 3 episodes in October. Check out the full interview here.

Deschanel has a keen interest in how the show will fare in Japan, especially since taking on the second role of co-producer in 2007 —although she jokes that the job was only offered to her so the studio wouldn’t have to raise her salary.


jeannie55 said...

Maybe that's why she wasn't at Comic Con? Still finding it strange that nobody mentioned anything about her whereabouts. (And why wasn't T.J. there?)

Milk Mama said...

That was a nice interview. Sounds like the Japanese aren't big fans, though (reading their comments)... I'm tempted to sign up just so I can put some awesome comments on there.

jeannie, I think someone mentioned that TJ was really sick. Nothing was said about Emily.

joce said...

I dont think those are Japanese people. those sound like Americans who WISH they were Japanese lol.

And obviously they don't know how to read or view a television show because one called it a cop show lol

CupcakeBean said...

That is quickly becoming my biggest pet peeve... people dismissing Bones as another CSI-clone. Yes, it's a crime procedural... but it is so much more, people! I would classify it as more of a romantic comedy/drama than a procedural. I keep telling people that and they keep ignoring me! UGH! Sorry, I'm done ranting.

Brianne said...

What show are they watching? The people posting on the article you mentioned sure aren't seeing the same show I watch!

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