Thursday, August 21, 2008

Emily Deschanel picks out 5 Eco Faves

Emily Deschanel makes no secret she's a committed vegan, meaning she has to be extremely selective in every aspect of her life. But she's passionate about sharing the lifestyle with others and looks for new ways to support the cause and the commitment anywhere she can.

Her latest venture is partnering with Green with Glamour to pick out 5 favorite products to highlight which further brings attention to her passionate beliefs.

“My number one place to buy gifts is Green with Glamour, but I never can resist getting several things for myself as well. It’s wonderful to know that you can be eco-friendly, ethically sound, and not have to scrimp on style. They do all of the whittling away, so you are only browsing the creme de la creme. It makes shopping so easy! From eco fashion to beautiful furniture, GWG has everything I could possibly want (or need).”
Read more about it here and then check out the products she chose.

The skeleton pillow is rather fitting, don't you think?


Milk Mama said...

How cool! I totally support her cause. I'll go check those out now. :D

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