Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Exclusive Interview with the Bones Writers

Hah, yeah, I wish it was my exclusive! But no, Lynn with SearchingBones/B5 Media gets the honor this Friday! And she's opening up to your questions. She's put up a post where you can either put questions in the comments or email her directly. Let's hope she gets some good scoop!


Lynn DeVries said...


Thanks so much for posting this!! I'm getting some great questions, from you and from other fans. I'm hoping to get us all lots of new scoop!! :-)

jeannie55 said...

I see a lot of questions regarding Sully there. Would this be a good post to say something about him? ;-)
While I really, really didn't like Sully at all (not because he was keeping Brennan and Booth apart, but because I found him very very condescending and I didn't like how he couldn't accept Brennan for who she was and kept trying to change her), I do hope he makes another appearance. That could make for some interesting character development, don't you think?

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