Monday, August 25, 2008

Happy Birthday Eric Millegan!

Happy Birthday Eric Millegan!

Eric turns 34 today! We wish you well and I, for one, will continue to follow your work wherever you are.


jeannie55 said...

I'll try to go and watch him play basketball when he comes to Germany in September. So far they haven't released any dates or locations though.

Shep said...

Happy Birthday Eric!

Zack was adorable in his geeky, socially awkward way.

Mom2ABnTB said...

Happy Birthday EM! You made Zack lovable.

Annie said...

Happy Birthday, Eric!!!

you are well missed as Zackaroni...and I have to don't look 34 :)

Milk Mama said...

Happy Birthday, Eric! :D

Milky said...

Happy Birthday!
Feliz CumpleaƱos!
Vsechno Nejlepsi!

Ms. Feasance said...

Happy Birthday, Eric!

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