Sunday, August 24, 2008

Happy Birthday Stephen Fry!

Stephen Fry (Steve Forrest for The New York Times)

Happy Birthday Stephen Fry!

Stephen Fry had a short stint on Bones but made a truly lasting impression. I'd love to see more Gordon-Gordon Wyatt any day.

Here's a clip "mash-up" from his first episode.


Mom2ABnTB said...

Happy birthday 'Gordon Gordon'!!!

Shep said...

I love it when Booth gets irritated. Those conversations were hilarious!

I miss Gordon Gordon

Milky said...

I enjoyed Gordon Gordon so much!

I'm studying to be a shrink myself, and I couldn't help but *admire* the character.

The way Stephen Fry moved and looked could almost tell me every theory and approach he was designing for Booth.

I have a thin slight of hope he'll appear somehow during the Yanks in UK.

ADDhole said...

Happy Birthday, Mr. Fry - you're a true comedic genius. I'm another one that loves the Gordon-Gordon character. I'd love a joint session with Sweets and Gordon-Gordon tag teaming Booth and Brennan . . .

Ladychyde13 said...

I like Stephen Fry, I wish they could have kept him on the show.

Milk Mama said...

Happy B-Day! He's a great actor and I loved his character on the show.

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