Friday, August 22, 2008

Hurry up and wait! Sitting on your hands until Bones returns

I now have email addresses for everyone who signed up for the Bones premier night live chat post-Yanks in the U.K. You can still sign up!

I am determined to crown a King of the Lab this weekend. As yet no one has guessed the one episode where I *know* Booth is talking with Cam and playing with a poker chip. Drat. I'd give it to you just for finding a true scene, any scene, which fits those conditions.

Edit: Shep, you've been dethroned!
If you're one of those people looking forward to the scripts on Wednesday, go give your theory on Zack and then read my theory, "The Evolution of Zack Addy." (That was posted a scant day after The Pain in the Heart and provides nearly 60 comments of debate fodder. Jamie posted her own theory around the same time on Flummoxology but be warned hers gives the whole bag.)

If freelance projects don't kick my booty this weekend, I will try to post my next Episode Review, for "The Man in the Bear".


Shep said...

Ha! I've been King of the Lab for 11 days now!

Have to say I'm stumped on the poker chip question. As I have said before, I pay more attention to Booth's face or what's being said than to what's in his hands (unless it's a gun or something)

Though David Boreanaz does have really nice hands - has anyone ever noticed that?

Milk Mama said...

I'll try to figure it out this week!!! :D

Shep said...

Aww bugger!

Anywhos, kudos to Jane - I would never have got it!

Wendy said...

Hey Shep, if you see this drop me an email at

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